ONE. – Your story as a comic for your wall


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Drawn for you – For your wall

ONE. – These are stories of favourite lyrics. Poems for the one. Flashes of thought and affirmations of life. Captured in comics. On one page. In one picture. Order your very own design now. For yourself or a loved one.

Based on a prompt provided by you – your favourite song lyric, your motto or simply something that comes to your mind – I'll come up with a one-page comic story consisting of one image. And the result you get as a high-quality poster print in the format 50 x 70 cm.

If you can't think of a prompt right away

If you wanted to put the pictures of ONE. as a task, it would look like this:

Dear Markus, draw me a one-picture comic on the following topic, sentence or expression: "...". I will not give you any more instructions.

Examples for Prompts

The prompt can be many things, here are a few real examples:

  • A line from your favorite song
  • A passage from a novel
  • A strange word
  • A sentence written by yourself
  • A motto
  • A message for someone

Just check out the store's ONE. Picture Stories. The respective prompts are in the boxes.

What does your ONE. Picture Story costs?

Each ONE. Picture is a new picture and is drawn especially for you and your keyword. The time it takes to finish a ONE. Picture Story is often up to 10 hours and more. You get the image afterwards as a finished, high-quality digital print and as a JPEG to show around on social media.

You have the following options:

  • You pay €250 and I draw you a ONE. Picture Story based on your prompt. You will receive the result as a high quality poster print in 50 x 70 cm. From experience, this option is the one that is the most fun for everyone involved.
  • Or this one: Just the right option for those who know what they want. For €350. Besides your prompt, you can tell me more about your picture. The mood, what should be in it and what shouldn't be. And so on. You will also receive the result as a high-quality poster print in 50 x 70 cm.
  • For an additional charge of €100 Euro you also get the original pencil drawing. For both options.

Important: With the purchase you get a simple, non-exclusive right of use for personal use. Commercial use is unfortunately not included in this price. That would be a matter of negotiation.

Well, enough of that now. Let's go.

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